Please find below the Early Release Policy for Newman-Crows Landing Unified School District (NCLUSD) After School Programs (ASP)

Educational Code states the following:

Section 8483(a)(2): It is the intent of the Legislature that elementary school pupils participate in the full day of the program every day during which pupils participate and that pupils in middle school or junior high school attend a minimum of nine hours a week and three days a week to accomplish program goals.


   On the shortness of life

ASP runs from the end of the regular school day until 6pm. NCLUSD is allowing parents to checkout their children starting 2 hours after the program starts without an early release checkout reason. If checked out before the 2 hour mark, please mark down the early release code associated with the reason for the student’s early release from the program.


   On the shortness of life

  1. Off-site enrichment programs

  2. Family emergency

  3. Family needs

  4. Medical appointment

  5. Transportation

  6. Child accident/injury

  7. Safety issues (darkness, weather)

  8. Participation in school athletic programs and team sports

If one of the above codes is not marked the student will be marked as an unexcused absence and it will count against their attendance in the program.

Due to staffing, please provide written notification when your child will be picked or early or will not attend the program on a certain day.

Please note that this early release policy is the exception and not the norm. If it becomes the norm your student may be suspended or removed from the program.

Students with more than (3) unexcused absences may be suspended or removed to the program and placed at the bottom of the wait list.

Unique situations will be dealt with on a case by case basis in a private manner.

District and ASP staff will be monitoring early release and attendance to ensure that students receive the full benefit of the program.

If you have any questions about the early release policy or the codes provided, please contact your site coordinator at the numbers listed below.


The Before School Program is located at Von Renner Elementary School and operates every day school is in session from 6:00am-8:00am. Attendance is taken at the beginning of the program until 7:00am.

Students attending the Before School Program at Von Renner are allowed to arrive after the start at the program but will need to write one of the following codes during sign in.

  1. Family emergency

  2. Family needs

  3. Child accident/injury

  4. Safety issues (darkness, weather)

  5. Transportation

Breakfast is served at 7:30am in the cafeteria and is available to all students.

Barrington 209-380-8099

Bonita 209-216-7769

Hunt 209-505-0221

Von Renner 209-605-7090


Chanelle Raboteau
Director of After School Programs
Newman-Crows Landing USD